DK Eyewitness Books: Viking by Susan Margeson

By Susan Margeson

The main depended on nonfiction sequence out there, Eyewitness Books supply an in-depth, accomplished examine their topics with a special integration of phrases and photographs. Loaded with marvelous colour images of Viking ships and swords, outfits and shields, memorial stones and lovely brooches, this revised and up-to-date version of Eyewitness: Viking bargains a different view into the lives of the Norse humans and their remarkable achievements.

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Many mounds contain burial chambers, not ships. Intricate carvings of lively animals OLD MEN Three humanlike figures, depicted as elderly men, are shown carved inside the prow of the Oseberg ship. They have long, wispy beards and seem to be a human version of the gripping beast (p. 37). Strakes (planks) get narrower toward the prow Twelve strakes, each overlapping the one below Stem-post is a single piece of fine oak, joined to the keel at the base THE OSEBERG SHIP The most beautiful Viking ship of all is the Oseberg ship.

Not to prevent injury all women and children stayed at home. Many joined their husbands or fathers in colonies such as England. They hid somewhere safe during battles, and Toy spear came out later to help set made of wood up new villages. Woolen tunic with embroidered collar TOY HORSE About 900 years ago, a small boy or girl in Trondheim, Norway, played with this toy horse made of wood. Children also had toy boats. They played board games and made music with small pipes (p. 50). In the summer, young Vikings swam and played ball; in the winter, they skated and played in the snow.

59). He celebrated his good deed by raising four rune stones. HORSING AROUND 16th-century engraving of a Swedish couple skiing with single skis, as the Vikings did Vikings were fine riders. This silver figure of a horseman comes from Birka in Sweden. It dates from the 10th century. The rider is wearing a sword and must be a warrior. ICE LEGS The word ski is Norwegian. Prehistoric rock carvings in Norway show that people have been skiing there for at least 5,000 years. The Vikings definitely used skis, but only one example has survived.

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