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39: 111-115 Motl 0, Ochir G, Kubeczka K-H (1990) Composition of Achillea asiatica Serg. essential oi!. Flavour fragr J 5: 153-155 Pharmacopoea Helvetica (1979-1991) 7th edn (ed Francaise). Office Central Federal des Imprimes et du Materiel, Berne Pharmacopoea Hungarica (1970) 6th edn. Lang B (ed) Akademiai Kiad6, Budapest. pp 89-90 Phillipson JD, Anderson LA (1984) HerbaI remedies used in sedative and antirheumatic preparation: part 2 Pharm J 233: 111-114 Preitschopf A, Michler B, Arnold C-G (1989) Achillea millefolium: occurrence, ploidal level, and pro azulene variation.

1 Establishment and Characterization of the Cell Suspension Cultures Cell Suspension Cultures: Achillea millefolium L. ssp. millefolium cell suspension cultures were initiated and maintained in darkness in B5 medium (Gamborg et al. 1 mg/l kinetin, as previously reported (Figueiredo and Pais 1991). The growth curves of the cultures were obtained either by fresh weight determination or by the dissimilation method (Schripsema et al. 1990). Time Course Accumulation of Amino Acids: The determination of amino acid accumulation by the cell suspension cultures was performed as previously reported (Figueiredo et al.

The presence of 2,4-D was necessary for growth. The callus growth rate increased with an increase in 2,4-D concentration. 2 and 1 mg/12,4-D and 1 mg/I and the control (2 mg/I). 2 mg/I 2,4-D was crumbly, brown/ green in colour and compact. The calli grown on the other media were pale green/ cream in colour and friable in texture. 1 mg/I. 5 mg/I kinetin. Anethum graveolens calli were transferred onto the media and subcultured every 5 weeks for three generations. At each subculturing the callus was analyzed, and the fresh weight and appearance were noted.

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