The Temple Scroll: An Introduction, Translation and by Johann Maier

By Johann Maier

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10 of the year. [You shall abstain] from carrying out any w[ork] ... n separately it shall be brought to at[one for] ... 12 one ram, lambs of [one year]... 1 3 ... ) of a hin] ... as a drink-offering... 15 [a tenth of fine flour as a cereal-offering] ... ) of a Am for the one ram0], and for the sheep ... [t]enth 17 ... cereal-offering mixed with a quarter of a hin ... 1 8 ... one for the sheep and for the he-[goats] ... ) and every day... 2 °seven years, and a he-° [goat]... [according] to this ordinance.

The] firstfruits "(shall) be[long to] the priests [and they shall eat them] 6 [in the inner cour0 tyard] ... bread of the first-fruits and after... 7 ... [ "new bread, tejnder ears0 and ripe ears (of corn)... 8 . . [as a statute for ev]er for their generations. From any under °taking of wo[rk ab° stain] 9 [on it, for] it is [the Feast of Wejeks and the Festival of the First-fruits as a remembrance for ev[er] 1 0 ... ), seven complete sabbaths 13 [it will be unti]l the day after the °seventh° Sabbath; °count fifty0 days, 14 [and then brin]g new wine for the drink-offering, four hins from all the tribes °of Israel, 15 [a third] of a kin for0 each tribe.

And from the gate13 of Reuben to the gate of Joseph (allot) to the sons of Joseph, to Ephraim and to Manasseh. 14 And from the gate of Joseph to the gate of Benjamin (allot) to the sons of Kahath, fr[om] the Levites. 15 And from the gate of Benjamin to the western (outer) corner (building) (allot) to the sons of Benjamin. And from this 16 (outer) corner (building) to the gate of Issachar (allot) to the sons of Issachar, and from the gate Column 45 o1-04 [of Issachar]... 1 and from ... 2 sevent[y] ...

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