Jungle by Theresa Greenaway, Geoff Dann

By Theresa Greenaway, Geoff Dann

New glance! Relaunched with new jackets and eight pages of recent textual content! here's a striking and informative advisor to a couple of the main striking habitats on the earth. amazing colour images provide a distinct "eyewitness" view of the striking and colourful vegetation, animals and bugs of the world's jungles. See the attractive yet toxic passionflower, the infrequent golden lion tamarin, a Heckel bite stick from Nigeria, the purple howler monkey howling at sunrise and a kangaroo mountain climbing a tree. find out how paper wasps make their nest, how a siamang strikes, how wax is taken from the wax palm, how geckos "fly" and the way pitcher crops seize bugs. realize what purple lemurs consume, how poison is taken from a poison dart frog, why bowerbirds construct bowers, why cover leaves have drip suggestions, the place gorillas reside and why chameleons switch colour, and masses, even more!

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New glance! Relaunched with new jackets and eight pages of recent textual content! here's a marvelous and informative advisor to a couple of the main amazing habitats in the world. magnificent colour images supply a distinct "eyewitness" view of the impressive and colourful vegetation, animals and bugs of the world's jungles.


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With so much coastline, it is not surprising that most of the world’s mangrove swamps are found here. Prominent eyes with vertical pupils for seeing in low light TREE SNAKE WORKING WITH PLANTS Palm trees provide a plentiful raw material for many local industries. This Sarawak girl is splitting palm leaves into strips to be woven into matting or baskets. INDIA The nocturnal green cat snake (Boiga cyanea) lives almost exclusively in trees, often near water. It preys on other arboreal creatures, such as tree frogs and lizards.

The poison is also fatal to people, acting quickly on the nerves of the human respiratory system and the heart. When threatened, cobras rear up, hiss, and expand their “hood” by raising the elongated ribs of the neck region. Nature’s architects Media ant TȩȦȳȢȪȯȧȰȳȦȴȵȱȳȰȷȪȥȦȴ tree holes, tangles of lianas, and plenty of other hideaways. In spite of this, numerous creatures build custommade homes from forest materials. Social insects such as bees, wasps, ants, and termites construct elaborate nests where a teeming mass of insects live and tend their larvae.

1 REACTION TIME Contrary to popular belief, a male chameleon does not change color to match different backgrounds. But at the sight of a rival entering his territory, the response is immediate. 50 (c) 2011 Dorling Kindersley. All Rights Reserved. COLOR CHANGE IN CHAMELEONS Each eye swivels independently, so the chameleon can look in two directions at the same time The skin of chameleons contains a small range of colored pigments in specialized cells called chromatophores. Those that contain black pigment (melanin) lie deeper in the skin.

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