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The Iberian Peninsula has continually been an essential component of the Mediterranean global, from the age of Tartessos and the Phoenicians to our personal period and the Union for the Mediterranean. The state of the art essays during this quantity study what it potential for medieval and early sleek Iberia and its humans to be regarded as a part of the Mediterranean.

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Better to work with no model than an incorrect model. It may be true that few Hispanists today subscribe directly to the theses proposed by Castro or Sánchez-Albornoz, and most admit that as perspectives they are obsolete, but for all that, Hispanists have been for the most part unable to escape the pull of these paradigms, to escape their vocabulary and terminology, to engage in comparative work beyond the geographic bounds of the peninsula, or to systemically question or propose alternatives to the concepts and presumptions regarding the nature of history in which they are rooted.

In my defense I cite the fact that the general events and broad trends I discuss are regarded as established fact and should be recognized as such by scholars of medieval Iberia and the Mediterranean, and are attested to in the many general surveys that cover these regions in this period. 1. The two works that kicked off the debate were Castro’s España en su historia (1948) and Sánchez-Albornoz’s reaction, España: un enigma histórico (1956). 2. Much ink has been spilled recapitulating and analyzing the controversy, and grappling with the issues that lie at its heart.

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