Developments in sedimentary provenance studies by A. C. Morton, Seldon P., Jr. Todd, P. D. W. Haughton

By A. C. Morton, Seldon P., Jr. Todd, P. D. W. Haughton

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Another alternative, the LondonBrabant Massif, is readily ruled out (Fig. 13), as chloritoids of the Ottre area are distinctly different, with very high MnO values (Fransolet 1978). For comparison, Fig. 13 also shows chloritoid anlayses from Lower Eocene sandstones of the Frigg area (northern North Sea), derived from the Shetland region. These have distinctly higher MnO values compared to Bridport Sands chloritoid. As with the spinel group, little detail is available on stability of detrital chloritoid, although North Sea Jurassic sandstones buried in excess of 4 km contain chloritoid grains that lack a n y evidence of corrosion.

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