Dazzling Dragonflies: A Life Cycle Story by Linda Glaser

By Linda Glaser

A dragonfly lays her grab of eggs and the existence cycle of dragonflies has started. Watch because the little nymphs switch through the years into appealing adults who can go through the air like an acrobat.

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They are: Common Pondhawk Twelve-spotted Skimmer male female Twelve-spotted Skimmer Common Pondhawk male female Common Sanddragon How many types of dragonflies are there? There are more than 2,500 different species of dragonflies around the world. How long have dragonflies lived on Earth? Fossils show that dragonflies have lived on Earth for about 300 million years. That means they were here about 100 million years before dinosaurs! Dragonflies have survived longer than any other flying insects.

Some scientists believe that dragonflies have survived until the present because they don’t depend on one certain body of water. They fly to new places to lay their eggs. This behavior causes them to spread out over a large area, which has helped them continue to survive. And they are excellent flying hunters. No other creature is better at hunting in the air. This is also important for survival. Were ancient dragonflies the same as dragonflies today? Prehistoric dragonflies were much bigger than dragonflies are today.

This helps it to see in all directions and to notice the movement of a bug from far away. How fast can dragonflies fly? Some dragonflies can fly 30 miles (48 km) per hour. Their front and back wings work independently, which helps them switch directions very quickly. Do dragonflies hurt people? No. Dragonflies don’t have stingers. They are quite harmless to people. They actually help people by eating pesky insects, such as flies and mosquitoes. However, if you catch a dragonfly, it may bite in self-defense—just as any captured animal might.

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