Cross-Bedding, Bedforms, and Paleocurrents (Concepts in by David M. Rubin

By David M. Rubin

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Some flow reversals can cause reversals in asymmetry without net migration, and other flow reversals can cause reversals in migration direction without causing significant asymmetry. For example, in oscillatory flows where the volume of sediment transported during each oscillation approaches the volume of sediment in the bedforms, the bedforms will reverse asymmetry. Where such an oscillatory flow is symmetrical, the bedforms will not undergo net migration. In contrast, where the volume of sediment transported during individual oscillations is small relative to the volume in the bedforms, the bedforms maintain a symmetrical profile.

36 TOMPUTER IMAGES-VARIABLE 2 - 0 M I G R F l T I O N VECTORS CROSS-BEDS 0 0 BOUNDING SURFACES 0 I I c 270 270 M R I N BEOFORMS A $ SUPERIMPOSED BEOFORMS PLRN-FORI1 SINUOSITIES 0 SCOUR P I T S 90 37 HHY I: 90 CROSS-BEDDING, BEDFORMS, AND PALEOCURRENTS FIG. - Structure formed by bedforms that reverse asymmetry without net displacement. The left illustration shows the bedform with its most extreme leftfacing asymmetry, and the right illustration shows the bedform at a later time with its most extreme rightfacing asymmetry.

21 CROSS-BEDDING, BEDFORMS,AND PALEOCURRENTS FIG. - Structure deposited by two-dimensional wind ripples climbing at a stoss-erosional, leedepositional, net-positive angle of climb; modern eolian deposits from Padre Island, Texas, photographed by Ralph Hunter. This structure is a real example of the structure generated by computer in Figure 5. RECOGNITION: This structure was deposited by wind ripples that migrated from right to left. The path of ripple climb was steady from near the bottom of the photograph to immediately below the buried ripples.

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