Computer Science. A Concise Introduction by Ian Sinclair (Auth.)

By Ian Sinclair (Auth.)

Covers the syllabus for urban and Guilds 424, utilizing the minimal of arithmetic, and together with feedback for functional paintings, workouts and multiple-choice questions with solutions. it may fill the necessity for a textbook on laptop technology that's in accordance with hands-on adventure with microcomputers

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If we take one K of memory as a simple example, the numbering of the bytes in such a memory unit will be from 0000000000 to 1111111111 (in denary, 0 to 1023), using ten binary digits. Within the computer, these digits are represented by electrical voltages, so that a 0 is represented by zero volts and a 1 by (usually) + 5 V. Our example of a 1 K memory could be connected to the CPU by ten connecting lines, and if each of these could carry either a 0 or a 1 signal, then each and any of the 1024 bytes in the memory could have its number placed in binary code on these lines.

Suggestions for practical work 1 Arrange to see computers used commercially for batch processing, numerical analysis and process control. 2 Devise and test data preparation methods for a proposed new tax on all personal possessions worth over £1,000. 3 Use a simulated industrial control system and check the effects of putting delays into control loops. Multiple-choice test questions 1 40 A computer user has to prepare six reports and then transmit them to a head office. This requires a combination of: (a) on-line and real-time computing Computers and programs (b) (c) (d) real-time and batch computing batch and on-line computing batch computing only 2 A firm prepares local area maps.

The days of taking a reel of tape to a computing room along with a request to have results at the end of the week have been replaced by typing a few instructions to a program running on a desktop machine and seeing the results on the screen as soon as they are processed. Exercise 2 Decide which of the following applications will require fast numerical processing: (a) Keeping records of books borrowed from a library, (b) Using a program which created technical drawings by computer. (c) Working out monthly salaries.

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