Complete Who's Who in the Bible, The by Paul Douglas Gardner

By Paul Douglas Gardner

Who is who's a great source for research or excitement! It includes everyone within the Bible and what's stated approximately them with the addresses of the verses. it truly is nice so that it will refresh your brain a couple of individual and their tale. we will study a lot from what they did or did not do! i've got given this e-book as a present to humans of every age they usually have additionally actually loved it!

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4:16). The God of Abraham Who is the LORD? In the stories of Abraham the divine Name, Yahweh (represented in NIV by ' L O R D ' ) , occurs 73 times, and references like Gen. 15:8 show Abram personally using the Name. Yet is is also true, as we read in Exod. 6:2-3, that though the Name was known, no specific meaning was yet attached to it. In Genesis God did not reveal himself by explaining the meaning of 'Yahweh' but by using other styles and titles. Gen. 17:1 puts the matter concisely: 'Yahweh appeared to him and said, "I am El Shaddai.

Indeed (Gen. 12:7), it was not until he had well entered Canaan that the LORD finally said '. . this land'. Nothing ever deflected Abraham from this course - not even his failures! For example, after his Egyptian compromise (Gen. 12:10—20) it was not sufficient to return to Canaan: he specifically went back to where he had started (Gen. 13:3), back to where he knew for certain that he had been on the road of faith. The whole cycle of his life is within three parameters: obeying the word of God, returning to the word of God, waiting for the word of God.

In 1 Chron. 18:16 and 2 Sam. 8:17 Ahimelech is mentioned as the son of Abiathar and therefore the grandson of 1. above. While some scholars see this reference as meaning just what it says, others feel that the names were mistakenly 'switched', leaving the corrected version 'Abiathar, son of Ahimelech', in keeping with the events of 1 Sam. 21-22. 3. Ahimelech is referred to as 'a Hittite' in the service of David (1 Sam. 26:6-7). c. 2. One of the sons of Beriah and a leader from the tribe of Benjamin, Ahio lived in Aijalon (1 Chron.

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