Collected Papers: Volume IX by H. A. Lorentz (auth.)

By H. A. Lorentz (auth.)

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What happens, when that state is not reached, was the subject of a second series of investigations. To this series belong all theories on the movements, which can occur in a gaseous mass, on the internal friction accompanying them, on the conduction of heat and, finally, on the way in which the diffusion of two gases takes place. All these phenomena have this in common, that the results of theory depend on the way in which two molecules in colliding act on each other. As regards this, two opinions prevail.

On the contrary, I believe it to be highly profitable, that various investigators take each their own way in this matter, for only in this manner will one be able, in due course, to decide, not which way discloses entirely the secrets of nature, but which one leads to the simplest fundamental principle. For the time being, however, the conception, according to which atoms attract or repel each other, is still far ahead of its rivals and I shall restrict myself, in the following, chiefly to giving you an outline of what the investigations in this direction have revealed as regards the structure of material bodies.

De grootte der afwijking van die betrekking moet op de eene of de andere wijze met de intensiteit der warmtebeweging in verband staan. 13) Bij onze onbekendheid met de warmtebeweging in vaste lichamen bestaat er nog weinig hoop op een geheel ontwikkelde theorie der elastische nawerking. Voorloopig zal men weI niet veel verder kunnen gaan dan BOLTZMANN (Pogg. Ann. Ergiinzungsband,7, 624, 1876). Alleen is het de vraag, in hoe verre de door hem gebezigde grondstelling als een noodzakelijk gevolg der moleculaire theorie kan worden beschouwd.

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