Class Struggle: A Political and Philosophical History by Domenico Losurdo, Gregory Elliot

By Domenico Losurdo, Gregory Elliot

Available for the 1st time in English, this booklet examines and reinterprets type fight inside of Marx and Engels’ notion. As Losurdo argues, type fight is frequently misunderstood as solely the fight of the bad opposed to the wealthy, of the common-or-garden opposed to the robust. it truly is an interpretation that's pricey to populism, person who supposes a binary common sense that closes its eyes to complexity and inclines in the direction of the occasion of poverty as a spot of ethical excellence. This booklet, even if, indicates the speculation of sophistication fight is a normal idea of social clash. at any time when, the main adversarial social conflicts are intertwined in numerous methods. A historic state of affairs constantly emerges with particular and distinct features that necessitate critical exam, freed from schematic and biased research. provided that it breaks clear of populism can Marxism increase the power to interpret and alter the world.

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138 The only thing that can overcome ‘the dichotomy of life and happiness’ is political action: class struggle. 12 ‘NATURE’ BETWEEN ESCAPE AND CLASS STRUGGLE Marx and Engels ironized about attempts to seek shelter from the conflict in a nature uncontaminated by human history and celebrated in opposition to it. 139 But all this did not prevent them being among the first to draw attention to what would today be called the ecological question. 141 Almost 30 years later, the Critique of the Gotha Programme opens with a caution that sounds prophetic today: however great and growing labour productivity might be, ‘[l]abour is not the source of all wealth’.

30 D. LOSURDO Finally, to explain the irruption of the subaltern classes onto the historical stage, and the emergence of the Jacobin-socialist movement, nineteenth-century culture employed the same admixture of psychopathological paradigm and ethnological paradigm. 90 At the same time, it availed itself of the racial paradigm to brand the subaltern classes who rebelled against the existing order as barbaric and savage. What was occurring was a ‘new barbarian invasion’, this time originating from within the civilized world.

LOSURDO historical cycle from the discovery-conquest of America to the Opium Wars, and the rise and triumph of the British Empire, perfectly illustrated the decisive character of the racial factor. Only thus could it be understood how, though few in number, the Spanish conquistadores had triumphed in America and the British in China. The racial or ethnologico-racial paradigm can be presented in diluted form and refer primarily to what, in contemporary terminology, would be called the ‘clash of civilizations’.

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