Chinese Fossil Vertebrates by Spencer Lucas

By Spencer Lucas

There looks a fly-over tone and caliber to this publication. It lacks stream and unity. The photograph caliber is certainly terrible. Lucas additionally mis-cites Henry Fairfield Osborn's theorizing -- the quotation could be to Osborn's article in technological know-how (April thirteen, 1900), relatively at p. 567, no longer his later 1910 booklet ebook. As to recounting the principal Asiatic Expeditions, the remedy is asymmetric and a bit speculative. additionally, a few spellings are inconsistent: eg., "Granter" (caption determine 2-10) vs. "Granger" (text, p. 24), and nor is present in the Index; "William Morris" (p. 24) truly was once "Frederick B. Morris," and, back, nor is present in the Index; the excursion series on p. 24 is muddled (incorrect use of "First," "Second," etc.) and in addition ignores these made in China starting in 1921; and and so on.

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To explore vast areas with the aid of gasoline-powered vehicles (see figure 2-10). S. dollars from some 600 individuals and institutions, and secured a fleet of Dodge automobiles. Five Central Asiatic Expeditions followed (in 1922, 1923, 1925, 1928 and 1930), headquartered in Beijing and mostly focused on what is now the Mongolian Republic, though some collecting efforts also took place in China, in Nei Monggol, Gansu, Sichuan, and Yunnan. Andrews (1926, 1929a, b, 1932) provided detailed narrative accounts of the expeditions, and their story has been well summarized by McKenna (1962) and Preston (1986).

Late Devonian vertebrates have been recovered on the slopes of the Qilianshan. South of the Kunlun-TsinlingMountains is where most of China’s Devonian rocks and vertebrate fossils arefound. These rocks were deposited on the south China block. They represent an array of marine environments of deposition, mostly shallow water platform carbonates. Sib K B Paleo NC Ta Paleo SC Pacific Lu Ar Pacific Figure 4-1 This Devonian paleogeography shows a configuration of the Chinese microplates broadly similar to that of the Silurian (after Z.

Book Page 44 Wednesday, October 31, 2001 10:26 AM 44 CAMBRIAN-SILURIAN Table 3-1 Comparison of oldest vertebrate records from the Chinese Cambrian- Silurian and the oldest records of these taxa outside of China First Record China Elsewhere Agnatha Early Cambrian Late Cambrian Galeaspida Early Silurian Early Silurian Acanthodii Late Silurian Late Silurian Thelodonti “Middle” Silurian Late Ordovician Antiarchi “Middle” Silurian Middle Silurian Osteichthyes Late Silurian Late Silurian Chondrichthyes Early Silurian Early Silurian Taxon: 4.

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