China and Albert Einstein: The Reception of the Physicist by Danian Hu

By Danian Hu

China and Albert Einstein is the 1st wide learn in English or chinese language of China’s reception of the distinguished physicist and his thought of relativity. Tracing the effect of Jesuit missionaries within the 17th century and Western missionaries and educators within the 19th and 20th centuries, as they brought key thoughts of Western actual technology and prepared the ground for Einstein’s radical new principles, Danian Hu indicates us that chinese language receptivity used to be fostered by way of the trickle of chinese language scholars despatched in a foreign country for examine starting within the mid-nineteenth century and by means of the openness of the may perhaps Fourth stream (1916–1923).

In a chain of biographical stories of chinese language physicists, Hu describes the chinese language assimilation of relativity and explains how chinese language physicists provided arguments and theories in their personal. Hu’s account concludes with the troubling tale of the destiny of international principles comparable to Einstein’s within the chinese language Cultural Revolution (1966–1976), whilst the speculation of relativity used to be denigrated in addition to Einstein’s principles on democracy and global peace.

China and Albert Einstein is a crucial contribution to Einstein experiences and a landmark paintings within the background of chinese language science.

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In 1863, Fryer was appointed as an English professor at Tong Wen Guan in Beijing, where he perfected his command of Mandarin Chinese. Fryer left Beijing for Shanghai in 1865, where he worked as an editor of the Shanghai Xinbao (Shanghai Gazette) before he joined the TBJA in 1868. At the TBJA, Fryer worked as a scientific translator for twenty-eight years. His contributions at the TBJA can be summarized as follows: First, Fryer was the single most productive translator among all Protestant missionaries.

S. pressure, to change dramatically its policy toward Christian missionaries. 51 With the protection of a series of unequal treaties, Protestant missionaries were able to enter mainland China freely to preach, practice medicine, set up schools, and build printing houses. Among the Protestant printing houses in China, the London Mission Press (LMP) in Shanghai stood out by pioneering the translation and publication of Western science books. It was these scientific translations that revived the introduction of Western science in China, more than a century after the Jesuits had been required to halt their efforts.

Thus it is of particular interest to see when the concept of the luminiferous ether was introduced in China and what was said about it then. Ten years before the publication of Guang xue, W. A. P. Martin had introduced the hypothetical luminiferous ether in his Gewu rumen (1866),158 where he wrote, There is a finest air, which is different from atmospheric air and fills space. Not only can it penetrate atmospheric air, but also wa- C H I N A A N D A L B E RT E I N S T E I N 34 ter and all other transparent matters.

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