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Using a wheel and axle is almost like having a helper. That means you’ll have time to do more work, like skating! Wheels and axles make work easier! 43 A NOTE TO ADULTS ON SHARING A BOOK BOOK When you share a book with a child, you show that reading is important. To get the most out of the experience, read in a comfortable, quiet place. Turn off the television and limit other distractions, such as telephone calls. Be prepared to start slowly. Take turns reading parts of this book. Stop occasionally and discuss what you're reading.

Look at a can opener. Squeeze the handles together. Notice how one gear’s teeth fit into the spaces between the other gear’s teeth. The knob is attached to one of the gears. Turn the knob. This action turns both gears. But the gears move in opposite directions. 39 Sometimes gears work together even though they do not touch each other. Look at the big gear near a bike’s pedals. It is far away from the small gear in the back wheel. But a chain wraps around both gears. The teeth of the gears poke into the links of the chain.

Many helpful experiments are included. html> With brief information about all six simple machines, this site provides helpful links related to each and features experiments for some of them. html> This challenging interactive quiz allows budding physicists to test their knowledge of work and simple machines. 45 GLOSSARY GLOSSARY axle: a bar that goes through the center of a wheel complicated machines: machines that have many moving parts force: a push or a pull friction: a force caused when two objects rub together gear: a wheel with bumps around its edge simple machines: machines that have few moving parts wheel: a round object that turns on an axle work: moving an object from one place to another 46 INDEX INDEX axles, 22–28, 31 complicated machines, 10 force, 7–8, 14, 32–33 friction, 14–18, 20–21 gears, 36–41 simple machines, 11, 22 wheels, 22–27, 31–37 work, 6–10, 31 47 About the Authors Sally M.

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