Carnivorous plants of the United States and Canada by Donald E. Schnell

By Donald E. Schnell

In this vastly improved and revised variation of his vintage therapy, Donald Schnell examines intimately the forty five species and diverse hybrids of carnivorous vegetation that develop within the U.S. and Canada. details on every one species contains an picking description, the popular habitat, the variety during which it may be came across, and the season for flowering and trapping, making this booklet an invaluable box consultant in addition to a desirable resource of rest examining. With a whole array of maps, drawings, and 2 hundred colour photographs, this quantity supplies to counterpoint each enthusiast's library with a wealth of knowledge. Hobbyists will locate a lot to their liking in addition. Schnell provides targeted directions for starting to be those plants.

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3-29. Note the inside. Longitudinal section of pitcher of S. psittacina. especially well-developed intermeshing trap hairs Sarracenia leucophylla BOTANICAL NAME: Unacceptable synonym: COMMON NAME: Raf. Sarracenia leucophylla Sarracenia White-topped nent except in pitchers that appear very early in the Raf. drummondii. pitcher plant. R A N G E : T h e s o u t h e a s t e r n coastal plain f r o m s o u t h western Georgia into the w e s t e r n Florida panhandle and f r o m the Mobile B a y area to just over the Mississippi line.

The larva often spins a dense web across the pitcher mouth, closing off any further trapping. T h e n it feeds Fig. 3-10. Pitcher of S. flava opened to show infestation by unusual, grass-cutting wasp Isodontia. Plugs of grass alternate with stunned insects for the larvae to feed on when the eggs hatch. Fig. 3-11. Pitcher of 5. flava infested with larva of Exyra moth. The top has collapsed because the inner layers of the wall have been consumed. on the inner layer of pitcher tissue, causing the dried, papery top to fall over and seal the pitcher off from Before it pupates, the larva cuts two holes in the rain and interference.

Notice the hood with dense, long, stiff hairs lining the inside and pointing downward. Fig. 3-4. Longitudinal section of pitcher of S. purpurea ssp. venosa, showing four basic zones: the inner surface of the hood lined with stiff, downward-pointing hairs; a smooth waxy zone; a glandular and absorptive zone without cuticle; and a lower zone of intermeshing hairs. Fig. 3-5. Comparison of Smaller, sharply curved S. straight S. flava below. phyllodia oreophiia {^'winter leaves"). at top; longer and lid is actually reflected over the pitcher opening.

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