Car Science by Richard Hammond

By Richard Hammond

Vehicle technological know-how is an intuitive and basic kid's technological know-how booklet in response to a subject expensive to kid's hearts: automobiles. In 4 sections, the ebook comprises: a timeline of car invention; a "how it really works" advisor to fashionable automobiles, with exploded diagrams, cutaways, and special effects; key physics options, all on the subject of automobiles and the way they run; and a glance into the way forward for vehicles, together with green inspiration automobiles.

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The action (tires pushing because tires are repeatedly squeezed backward) gives an equal and opposite underneath (where wheels press on them) reaction (car going forward). and stretched at the top (when wheels release them). All that stretching and squeezing wastes energy you could be using to go forward. Gaining ground Tire pushes backward Wheel moves forward The pushing force from a tire doesn’t just make the car roll forward—it actually makes planet Earth roll backward, but only by a tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny bit.

BINGO! 7 The ocean has gone and the seafloor is now land. Oil from the plankton has formed an upside-down “pool” in the sandstone, trapped by the mudstone—an oil reservoir. 8 Buy a very big drill and make a hole down to the sandstone. Bingo—you’ve struck oil! You’re rich. Buy yourself a Bugatti Veyron. 29 2 US_28-29 28-29 Blackgold Blackgold old 29 2d 9 29 29 30/4/08 3 9/5 0///4 0 /4/08 15:38:26 15:38:2 46 26 2 6 Power Making gasoline Length g of carbon chain The crude oil that comes out of the ground is slippery and black.

The tires don’t slip, thanks to chunky treads up to 1⁄2 in (13 mm) deep—at least 50 percent deeper than normal tires. = car’s center of gravity ble 2/5/08 9 2 2/ /5 /5 5/08 15:16:0 15:16:04 04 0 46 4 Properly pumped-up tires help a car go quickly, safely, and save fuel. But in off-road mud, flatter, squishier tires give more grip and better handling. In a Hummer, the driver can pump the tires up or down automatically, to suit different terrain, using a switch on the dashboard. With their engine air intakes high up the hood, Hummers can easily drive through shallow rivers.

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