Canyonlands Country: Geology of Canyonlands and Arches by Donald L. Baars

By Donald L. Baars

An easy-to-read geological heritage of the superb pink rock landscapes in southeastern Utah.Towering purple buttes, plunging canyon partitions, domes, pinnacles, spires, 10000 unusually carved forms—what customer hasn’t marveled on the land of rock in southeastern Utah that's Canyonlands Country?Canyonlands state bargains a distinct geological historical past of this outstanding panorama, in language comprehensible via the non-geologist. the tale is as unusual and engaging because the land itself. every one uncovered rock layer has a unique geologic heritage: one is a flow deposit, one other is an old box of dunes, one other was once deposited through shallow tropic seas. the fairway and Colorado Rivers all started carving canyons thirty million years in the past, yet to appreciate such rather fresh occasions Canyonlands nation takes us on a trip of 2 billion years.Tours comprise Arches nationwide Park, Island within the Sky, Needles District, The Maze and Elaterite Basin, Labyrinth and Stillwater Canyons, Meander Canyon, and Cataract Canyon. 

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They are listed in sequence from older, at the bottom, to younger, at the top. Names used for distinguishing intervals of geologic time, terms used worldwide, are listed to the left. Major time intervals (eras) are given in the left (first) column; smaller subdivisions of time (periods) are in Page 6 the second column. These are periods of time during which the named rock layers (right-hand column) were deposited in Canyonlands country. Estimated ages of the time periods in years appear in the third column from the left.

Member names are not included on the chart because of space limitations; they are usually distinguishable only by a trained geologist with special interests. All of this is designed to bring order out of chaos, and it usually works. The trouble is that a single layer of rock is often given separate names when studied in different areas. When this happens the name first applied should be the one used. However, geologists are generally too provincial to follow the rule, and two names result for the same rock layer, especially if it crops out in widely separated areas and the actual relationship of the two occurrences was unknown at the time they were first studied.

Early attempts to classify spans of time were not very successful. " However, Page 21 there have been hundreds of "floods" during the course of geologic time, so that scheme did not work well. By the 1830s the scheme we now use began to emerge from the work of a few British geologists, but not without some frustration. Adam Sedgwick studied and published descriptions of the oldest sedimentary rock sequence in the pleasant countryside of Wales, naming it the Cambrian System, "Cambria" being the Latin name for Wales.

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