Cambyses or The Pearl of Persia: An Operatic Cantata in 4 by Charles Felton Pidgin, W. J. D. Leavitt

By Charles Felton Pidgin, W. J. D. Leavitt

This e-book is a facsimile reprint and should include imperfections equivalent to marks, notations, marginalia and mistaken pages.

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AIRLINER TECH we for the customer airline and its area of operations. Standard navigation data, routes, waypoints, airport, and alternate airport data is included, and is updated on a 28-day cycle. The second database is user-modifiable, and allows the pilots to store up to 20 waypoints, ten runways, 20 navaids, and five routes. The philosophy of automated flight in the A340 revolves around these two types of guidance. Managed guidance occurs when the flight crew gives control of the aircraft to the autoflight system.

In general, the FBW system makes the A340 and similar Airbus' safer, more costeffective, and more pleasant to fly. Instead of using heavy mechanical means to actuate the flight controls, the basic FBW system uses wires and computer controlled electronic signals. The signals are routed to hydraulic actuators that move the desired control surface. The horizontal stabilizer and rudder have mechanical redundancy built in to prevent Flight Controls loss of control if multiple computer or hydraulic failures should occur.

With other components. Little time is wasted with storing components in inventory or having too much of part A when part B is needed. Production efficiency is enhanced by the use of automation on several Airbus production lines. For the first time in airliner production, robots are used to drill holes and install fasteners within the aircraft structure. Intended to compliment - not replace - humans on the production line, the automated robots perform over 13,000 operations on each aircraft. Automatic drilling machines, rivet machines, and a 283 foot long routing machine help achieve high levels of precision and uniformity throughout component construction.

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