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List four animal groups with backbones. 4. What group of animals has feathers? 27 Chapter 2 • Lesson 1 How can we classify animals without backbones? There are many kinds of animals that do not have backbones. Some of these animals have shells or hard body coverings that help keep them safe. wings The dragonfly has a hard body covering. It uses its wings to fly away from enemies. C claws A The lobster has a hard body covering. It uses its claws to break open food. legs The beetle has a hard shell.

Sea lion pups have a tail, flippers, and fur like their parents. They swim and eat fish like their parents. D California sea lions 32 Animal Life Cycles Baby animals can look different from their parents in some ways. This cat gave birth to three kittens. The kittens look different from their mother. The kittens look different from one another, too. How are the kittens like their mother? How are they different? C Quick Check 9. Draw a baby animal and its mother. Show how they are alike and different.

Panda Life Cycle 1. When a baby panda is born, its mother feeds it and keeps it safe. 2. A panda cub likes to climb and play. But it still needs its mother to find food and stay safe. 3. An adult panda can find its own food. It can have its own babies. If it does, the life cycle begins again. Read a Diagram 30 Animal Life Cycles When mammals are born, they need their mothers to live. The babies get milk from their mothers. Then they grow up and change into adults. A mother panda keeps her cub safe.

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