Brill's Companion to Ancient Greek Scholarship by Franco Montanari, Stefanos Matthaios, Antonios Rengakos

By Franco Montanari, Stefanos Matthaios, Antonios Rengakos

Brill’s significant other to old Greek Scholarship goals at supplying a reference paintings within the box of historical Greek and Byzantine scholarship and grammar, therefore encompassing the vast and multifaceted philological and linguistic examine job throughout the complete Greek Antiquity and the center a while. the 1st a part of the amount deals a radical old evaluation of old scholarship, which covers the interval from its very beginnings to the Byzantine period. the second one half makes a speciality of the disciplinary profile of historic scholarship by means of investigating its major medical themes. The 3rd and ultimate half offers the actual paintings of old students in quite a few philological and linguistic concerns, and likewise examines where of scholarship and grammar from an interdisciplinary perspective, particularly from their interrelation with rhetoric, philosophy, drugs and nature sciences.

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Arist. Top. 105b). More than thirty philosophers and poets are cited in the Metaphysics; a stream of quotations from tragic, comic and epic poets, from orators and also from rhetorical treatises are cited in the Rhetoric. Heraclitus is considered an author who is “difficult to punctuate” (Arist. Rh. 62 An important step towards the supplanting of oral by written texts was the introduction of a law establishing official editions of the authorised texts of the three tragedians Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides.

74 Aeschin. In Tim. 9–12; see Beck [1964] 92–94; Too [2001] 118; Knox [1989] 159. 75 Paus. 4, 15, 6; sch. Leg. 629a. 76 Diod. Sic. 12, 12, 4; 13, 3–4. Chronological errors point to the unreliability of Diodorus’ evidence (Diodorus transferred the legendary legislator from the 6th century to the colony of Thurii founded in 444/443 BC). See Harris [1989] 98. However, this remains valid evidence for the significance of universal education as attested in later sources. 77 Harris [1989] 57–59; Robb [1994] 183–184 and 207–208.

155 FGrHist; Olymp. Hist. 94, 2; see more in Platthy [1968] 7; Pfeiffer [1968] 30; on the Homeric text in the Attic alphabet, see West [2001a] 21–23. 47 The alphabet remained significant. At a somewhat later date the comic character Sappho is made to ask a riddle involving a female who bears children that are voiceless. The children can however converse with people at a distance. 5 Literacy as an Instrument in Learning Prose manuals and treatises on a wide assortment of subjects (such as philosophy, economics, rhetoric, science, geography, cooking or horse-riding) served as vehicles for the transmission of knowledge, often setting out standards appropriate for their task: the requirement of investigation, precision in selecting a topic, methods for analysing sources and attention to technical details.

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