Blood and Black Lace by Adrian Luther-Smith

By Adrian Luther-Smith

Exchange paperback.

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The following pictures were taken with candlelight only. The shutter speeds were 1-2 seconds. 35 36 Posing Guide For an inexperienced model posing ideas can be difficult. This section can be used for ideas to begin with. You should feel free to experiment with variations.

Also notice the distracting shadow on the wall and the unflattering quality of the light. You will notice that there is a distinct difference between this and the examples that follow. Natural Light – This is the simplest and the cheapest lighting setup. Even so, it can produce nice results. 26 This was lit with a window to the left side of the frame. It provided a soft light that showed off the contours of the model's body well. Also if the model is faced away from the light source it gives her some anonymity in case she is nervous about posing nude.

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