Blasts of Gas: The Secrets of Breathing, Burping, and by Melissa Stewart

By Melissa Stewart

This attractive sequence teaches readers concerning the physique and its many gross services.

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As food particles move through your stomach and intestines, so do the gases. Finally, they escape as a fart. Goats are ruminants and burp up methane, just like cows. What causes the popping noises you sometimes hear when you fart? The walls of your anus—the hole at the end of your digestive tract—vibrating back and forth. The loudness of the fart depends on how fast the gas rushes out and the tightness of the muscles around your anus. Your farts can contain as many as 250 different gases, but some are more common than others.

It’s the elephant. It’s a huge animal, and it eats a lot of hard-to-digest plants. Most animals fart for the same reason we do—to get rid of gases that have built up in their digestive systems. But a few creatures have discovered that farting has some unexpected benefits. Farts as Fuel? Some snakes hiss when enemies get too close . Others shake their rattling tails. Bu t Sonoran coral snakes and western hook-nos e snakes have a different trick. 8 meter s) away. That’s enough to spoil any predator’s appe tite!

Digest—To break down food. germ—A tiny organism or particle that can make you sick. gill—A body organ that fish and many other animals that live in water use to take in oxygen. global warming—A worldwide increase in temperature. glucose—A natural sugar that provides humans and other animals with the energy they need to live, move, and grow. hydrogen sulfide—A smelly gas found in some farts. intestine—The part of the digestive system that breaks down food particles and allows nutrients to pass into the blood.

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