Big Robots, Cool Starships (BESM) by David L. Pulver

By David L. Pulver

"Big Robots, Cool Starships" is the multi-genre mecha layout and wrestle complement for the "Big Eyes, Small Mouth" eastern anime RPG and the Tri-Stat approach. The publication comprises the mandatory mechanics to run a mecha-heavy crusade that includes the exploits of angst-ridden robotic pilots, glossy strive against cyborgs, daring starship captains, and a unlimited variety of different anime mecha archetypes. yet it does not cease there! BRCS is adequately versatile to permit avid gamers and GMs to layout and stat-out approximately any robotic, car, constitution, or tremendous monster from any style in an issue of mins -- from motor motorcycles to house stations, mecha dragons to pirate ships. All this from a versatile production approach that minimizes overly-complex online game mechanics and maximizes your inventive strength!

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For this reason, when a sensor is used to detect an object in space, the range is greatly increased. Normal sensors do not work underwater. Underwater Sensors (like sonar) can be acquired separately, also for 1 Mecha Point/Level. They work in the same manner as ordinary sensors, but only detect objects in or under water, and have 1/10 range. For example, a Level 3 Underwater Sensor has a 5 km range. Sensors can also be given special abilities, such as analyzing power levels, detecting life signs, or whatever else the GM feels is reasonable.

Multiply the combined mecha's normal Health Points by the result to find out how many Health Points it has left. When a merged mecha that was damaged while merged separates into individual mecha, divide the current (damaged) Health Points of the combined mecha by its normal undamaged Health Points and multiply this by each mecha's undamaged Health Points to find their uncombined status. Mecha that were damaged before merging cannot have more Health Points after separation than they did before the merging.

Toughness Level 2 (8 MP). Mobility Sub-Attributes — Flight Level 2 (can hover, 200 kph; 8 MP). Manoeuvre Bonus Level 2 (flight only; 2 MP). Other Sub-Attributes — Accessories (radio; 1 MP). Sensors Level 2 (2 MP). Weapon Sub-Attributes — Weapon Level 2: 70mm Hydra rocket pods (Damage 45, Area, Auto-Fire, Spreading, Fixed, Inaccurate, Limited Shots x2, 8 MP). Weapon Level 2: 20mm Gatling cannon turret (Damage 30, Auto-Fire, Limited Shots, 2 MP). Weapon Level 2: TOW missile pods (Damage 60, Accurate, Area, Penetrating, Fixed, Limited Shots x2, Slow, Stoppable, 2 MP).

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