Assisted Suicide by Mark D. Friedman

By Mark D. Friedman

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Both are ways for people to state in writing that if their health condition reaches a certain point, they do not want doctors to give them food or water, thus allowing them to starve to death. With this statement in writing, a person can remove any doubt about how a physician should act as the patient nears death. Some people leave no doubt about their DNR wishes. This man tattooed a DNR order on his chest so that no doctor or emergency medical crew can overlook it. 29 Problems with advance decisions While it seems logical that advanced planning is a good idea, advance decisions can sometimes create problems rather than solve them.

He speaks in public, appears on television, and writes books to promote the cause. He believes that individuals should have the right to control their own lives. ” 40 Dr Philip Nitschke, an Australian activist who supports assisted suicide and euthanasia rights. 41 Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act While assisted suicide was debated in Australia, the world took notice. In the United States, the individual states are able to pass laws on issues like this – as long as the laws do not conflict with the federal laws that cover citizens of the entire nation.

In addition to murdering millions of Jewish people and other minorities, the Nazis attempted to eliminate mentally and physically disabled people throughout Germany. German doctors and nurses were forced to evaluate some children and disabled people, and those who failed their evaluations were sent to special clinics. There, they were killed by injection of drugs or by starvation. Historians believe the Nazis killed more than 200,000 people in this way. Modern-day dangers? To this day, some people fear that disabled people could be threatened if doctors are allowed more freedom to euthanize patients.

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