Aspects of Today´s Cosmology by Antonio Alfonso-Faus

By Antonio Alfonso-Faus

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Invariance: 100 Years of Relativity

This number of papers offers a large view of the improvement of Lorentz and Poincaré invariance and spacetime symmetry in the course of the prior a hundred years. the problems explored in those papers comprise: (1) formulations of relativity theories during which the rate of sunshine isn't really a common consistent yet that are in keeping with the 4-dimensional symmetry of the Lorentz and Poincaré teams and with experimental effects, (2) analyses and discussions by means of Reichenbach about the techniques of simultaneity and actual time from a philosophical perspective, and (3) effects accomplished by means of the union of the relativity and quantum theories, marking the beginnings of quantum electrodynamics and relativistic quantum mechanics.

A new perspective on relativity : an odyssey in non-Euclidean geometries

This quantity records the learn performed by way of vacationing scientists connected to the Institute for Mathematical Sciences (IMS) on the nationwide collage of Singapore and the Institute of excessive functionality Computing (IHPC) less than this system "Advances and Mathematical concerns in huge Scale Simulation.

Relativity : an introduction to special and general relativity

Completely revised and up to date, this self-contained textbook offers a pedagogical advent to relativity. It covers crucial positive factors of specific in addition to basic relativity, and considers more challenging subject matters, comparable to charged pole-dipole debris, Petrov class, teams of motions, gravitational lenses, distinct options and the constitution of infinity.

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