Asimov's Guide to the Bible: The Old Testament by Isaac Asimov, Rafael Palacios

By Isaac Asimov, Rafael Palacios

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Of October 23 of that year, according to some). C. is often found at the head of the first pages of the Bible in editions of (he King James version. C. isn't a bad date for (he establishment of histprip times. C. C. and prel y to man) have left rehistoric man (or creatures ~ ~ i z a b similar mamas that are well over a million years old. The earth itself is some five billion years old and the universe as a whole perhaps fifteen billion years old. I Enoch [of Seth] The descendants of Adam, through Seth, are then listed through eight generations (ten, counting Adam and Setfa themselves) somewhat less hastily than those of Cain were mentioned.

Of P again, and as generation after generation is given, the statistical data is carefully included. The age of each individual is given at the time of the birth of his first son, and at the time of his death. Genesis 9 5 . And all the days that Adam lived were nine hundred and thirty years: and he died. - These ages were legendary, reflecting parts of earlier Babylonian tales up by the Jews during the Exile and modified by the priesthood according to some tinknown principle of their own. Nevertheless, those who feel every word of the Bible to be literally true have tried to make use of these figures (and of others given here and thee in the ~ i b l e ) to calculate the year in which Adam was born, and the universe created.

He is reputed to have built Calah and he may have witnessed t h e introduction into Assyria of the art of smelting iron from Asia Minor, where it seems to have been developed. The use of iron weapons gives an army a great advantage over one that is armed only with bronze weapons. lion can be made harder than bronze and iron edges are sharper and less easily blunted. Shalmanestx's son, Tukulti-Ninurta I, used his iron-armed warriors to make himself the first of Assyria's conquering monarchs. Despite occasional setbacks, Assyria grew stronger and stronger, displaced the Kassites, and established their rule over all of Babylonia, then spread far beyond.

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