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This criterion for correcting the pressure readings is based on the recommendations given by Lapuerta et al. (2000). 2 Signal processing with a current-to-voltage converter The most evident experimental setup for converting the current polarized by a piezoelectric transducer consists in conducting it to the ground through an electrical resistance, thus originating a voltage drop equal to the product of the value of this resistance by the current. Such procedure would result, however, in the formation of an RC circuit between the transducer inherent capacitance and the measurement resistance, which, in turn, would cause attenuation in the voltage drop and a phase delay with respect to the polarized current.

It is usual to separate the temperature drift into two components. The first one corresponds to changes in heat flow that occur within each cycle, and is named short-term drift or thermal shock. The second component represents the slow change in the transducer temperature resulting from variations in the engine operating conditions and is known as load-change drift or long-term drift. Normally, the long-term drift only promotes a slow instability in the baseline for transducer signal, whose consequences and control depend on the circuitry chosen for its polarization.

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