Ape's Face by Marion Fox

By Marion Fox

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It was not until he set foot inside the plantation that he wondered at himself for having given that sensation a distinct personality of its own. It seemed strange now that he was within shelter of the trees, that he should have regarded it as anything but the effect upon himself of the exhilarating atmosphere. And yet that he now tried to deny its existence added proof of that personality’s appearance. Then why had he matched it with the sensation in St. Michael’s church? No, he was on the downs now, and would only think about the fine effect upon eye and mind that such a noble picture presented.

But she ran shrieking up the downs with them after her. As the elder brother came up with her he distinctly saw the figure of the shepherd standing in the shadow of the trenches. She called to him bitterly as the brother caught her by the arm. The brother made as if to strike the figure with his dagger; crying she flung herself between and he struck her instead. I think that he struck at her again, for she cries out several times. He must have meant to kill her. ’ She stopped speaking. Armstrong noticed at once the intense cold of the house, and the curious earthen smell that seemed to pervade the entire place.

It seemed almost as though the house were full of something larger than it could contain. He half expected the walls to expand and fall outwards, yet again there was no sound, no visible or audible sign of pressure, nothing but a piercing cold and a certain suspicion of that earthen smell. There was something so strange about the odour that he could match it with nothing in his remembrance, try as he might. It was like several things and then again like none. It was not actually unpleasant, and yet it certainly was not desirable: certainly it was not unclean.

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