Antibody Expression and Production by Thomas Jostock (auth.), Mohamed Al-Rubeai (eds.)

By Thomas Jostock (auth.), Mohamed Al-Rubeai (eds.)

Engineered antibodies at the moment signify over 30% of biopharmaceuticals in scientific trials and their overall around the globe revenues proceed to extend considerably. the significance of antibody purposes is mirrored of their expanding scientific and commercial purposes in addition to within the development of demonstrated and rising creation recommendations. This quantity offers certain insurance of the new release, optimization, characterization, creation and purposes of antibody. It offers the required theoretical historical past and outline of equipment for the expression of antibody in microbial and animal telephone cultures and in transgenic animals and crops. there's a powerful specialize in these matters concerning the creation of intrabodies, bispecific antibody and antibody fragments and likewise to novel purposes in melanoma immunotherapy.

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Korse, J. , Teunissen, N. , Man, S. Y. & Otte, A. P. (2007) A novel, high stringency selection system allows screening of few clones for high protein expression. J Biotechnol, 128, 237–45. , Vanhoenacker, P. & Haegeman, G. (2000) Episomal vectors for gene expression in mammalian cells. Eur J Biochem, 267, 5665–78. Van De Goor, J. (2004) Improvement of industrial cell culture processes by caspase-9 dominant negative and other apoptotic inhibitors. ) Cell Engineering. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dodrecht.

Most of these systems aimed to overcome the low cell densities and increase product titres of the antibodies being secreted from the cells either in suspension or anchored to a solid support. Over the years, advancements in cell cultivation and engineering have led to a hundredfold increase in volumetric productivity (Jain and Kumar, 2008). This chapter will discuss technologies and recent developments in bioreactor systems deployed to D. Kuystermans and M. ie M. V. 2011 25 26 D. Kuystermans and M.

Macroporous carriers have pores large enough to let cells colonize the interiors of the pores and to continue proliferating due to the increased surface area, allowing better overall maximum cell density, and consequently productivity, than microporous carriers. These carriers decrease the shear sensitivity of cells due to the extra protection provided by the pores’ interiors (Ozturk and Hu, 2005; Butler, 2003). Spinner flasks and stirred tank reactors (STRs) are most commonly used to maintain microcarrier cultures; one can achieve scale-up simply by adding new microcarriers and carefully controlling the microcarrier environment to stimulate bead to bead transfer (Wang and Ouyang, 1999; Ozturk and Hu, 2005; Butler, 2003).

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