All It Takes; Graffiti Series, Book 1 by Willa Okati

By Willa Okati

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They needed him at the checkout. He’d have to go. But, God, he couldn’t -- not yet -- he had to -Oh, the hell with this! Stealthily, Jonathan shut his door -- a violation of policy, so he prayed that please, please, please, no one would notice -- stood up and leaned his back against the faux wood veneer -- and unzipped his loose khaki Dockers to pull his cock out into his hand. Willa Okati All It Takes - 48 - He exhaled raggedly for sheer relief, every nerve ending alive, making him hyperaware of the weight of his prick, and the tightly drawn-back foreskin.

Which actually, he was… or had been… no, still was… damn, his life had suddenly just gotten way too complicated. ” Sullivan called, stalling for time. “Jonathan,” a soft British voice answered. “I’m sorry, Sullivan. ” Sullivan yanked his T-shirt out of his jeans to cover the tent his erection made in his jeans, abandoned all hope of footwear, and padded over to the door. He caught sight of himself in a small mirror as he passed, and examined himself. Lips, not too kissswollen, okay. Hair, messy, but he never could get the tangled curls to lie straight.

Jonathan,” she said softly. “You’ve found someone already, Sully. I’m not him. I can never be him. ” “Melissa --” “Don’t! ” Melissa blinked, a tear rolling down one of her cheeks. She brought her fingers to her mouth and blew him a kiss. ” Willa Okati All It Takes - 61 - Standing up on tiptoe, Melissa jumped impossibly high into the air and did a swan dive down into the drawing board. Sullivan stared as she melted into inked lines, the toes of a cartoon disappearing down into the wood. He heard a sound of rushed, excited voices babbling like an incoming wave off the ocean, a slow ebb to silence, and then nothing.

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