Alfa Romeo Alfetta Owners Workshop Manual from 1973 to1987. by Peter G. Strassman

By Peter G. Strassman

Книга по обслуживанию и ремонту Alfa Romeo Alfetta. От Haynes. Для маньяков. Которым нужны книжки по ремонту машин, на которых ездили врагиДжеймса Бонда в «Осьминожке». На английском языке вдобавок. И только для четырёхцилиндровых двигателей.

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16 Lubrication systern and oil pressure sender 1 - genera1 The lubrication system is based upon a gear-driven oil pump . bolted to the incide face of the engine front cover. Drive is taken from a gear on the noce of the idler sprocket. 2 Oil from the sump is drawn into the pump through a pick-up screen, where it is pressurised by the pump gears and directed through a full-flow type oil filter screwed into the crankcase. and through al1 the oil galleries and passages to the bearings and friction surfaces.

5 in). If i t is not, readjust (photo). 5 When tension is correct, fully tighten the mounting and adjuster link nuts and bolts (photo). 7a Locating coolant pump gasket 12 Heaterlventilator - description 1 The heater provides warm air which is heated by flowing through an engine coolant-heated matrix. 2 Fresh air is provided at facia panel side and lower outlets, or can be mixed with the heated air to be ejected from the heater air grilles. a facia mounted warning lamp. 4 Temperature and airflow control is by means of a control lever panel mounted on the centre lower part of the facia panel.

4 If the thermostat is suspected of being faulty, suspend the assembly in a container of water and bring the water to boiling point. The valve plate on the therrnostat should open at the temperature shown in the Specifications and then continue to open fully. As the therrnostat cools, the valve plate should close srnoothly. 5 If the therrnostat valve plate rernains closed or open without rnoving irrespective of temperature changes, then a new unit rnust be fitted. 6 Make cure that the new assernbly is of the specified type, with the temperature rnarked on its flange.

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