Advances in Plant Glycosides, Chemistry and Biology, by Chong-Ren Yang, Osamu Tanaka

By Chong-Ren Yang, Osamu Tanaka

Hardbound. within the plant state various chemical materials take place in a glycoside shape (conjugation with sugar). Glycosides are very important, secondary metabolites. The structural range is as a result of the colossal volume of sorts and stereochemical configurations of the sugar part. Aglycones belong to terpenoid, steroid, flavonoid, quinonoid, lignan, different easy phenolics, and isothiocyanate. although, organic actions of glycosides are, in lots of instances, liable to the character of sugar moieties, even supposing their aglycone is the same.Since the 80s, plant glycosides were attracting an expanding quantity of curiosity from botanists and phytochemists world-wide for the subsequent purposes: - they're tough to isolate and purify- they've got an important organic functionality in flowers and memorable organic actions- they seem to be a vitally important source of traditional medication, overall healthiness nutrients, cosmetics and f

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5 Without initiation, drinking water alone. 09% phenobarbital (PB) solution in drinking water was used as a promoter. None of the mice in groups III to V had hyperplastic nodules of liver, and all of mice in the positive control group (group II) had hyperplastic nodules, a total of 47 hyperplastic nodules being formed in the 15 mice. 6% of mice had hyperplastic nodules and a total of 23 nodules were formed in the 15 mice at 25 weeks of promotion. Therefore, oral administration of the MeOH extract of P.

Q, positive control TPA alone; O, TPA + Ginsenoside Rg 1 (85 nmol);O, TPA + Glycyrrhetic Acid (85 nmol) In our experiments, these inhibitory effects of ginsenoside Rgl are similar to those of glycyrrhetic acid, and it was also found that the ginsenoside Rgl enhanced the weak inhibitory effects of P. ginseng (white-ginseng) when Rgl was additionaly applied with the extract of white-ginseng Therefore, it was deduced that ginsenoside Rgl is one of the active constituents of anti-tumor-promoting activity of P.

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