Ace Your Physical Science Project by Robert Gardner

By Robert Gardner

Solids, beverages, and gases–oh my! research all in regards to the states of topic and primary actual rules with the thrill technological know-how experiments during this e-book. discover when you could make water move upward, if carbon dioxide is heavier than air, and extra! Many experiments contain rules scholars can use for his or her technology reasonable.

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Your question may also arise from an earlier experiment or from background reading. Once you have a question, you should make a hypothesis. Your hypothesis is a possible answer to the question (what you think will happen). Once you have a hypothesis, it is time to design an experiment. In most cases, it is appropriate to do a controlled experiment. This means that there are two groups treated exactly the same except for the single factor that you are testing. That factor is often called a variable.

Cohesion is the property that keeps the molecules of a liquid together and, in combination with surface tension, helps to make these many shapes possible. 1, cohesion is the attraction that exists between molecules in a liquid. Adhesion is the attraction between a liquid and any solid that it touches. It is the property that causes a raindrop to stick to a windowpane and bubbles of air to adhere to the side of a bathtub. It helps liquids to stay in containers, and it is necessary for capillary action to take place.

3 Liquids in Liquids Materials: water small glass or beaker rubbing alcohol spoon or other stirring device cooking oil stopwatch or clock or watch with a second hand liquid detergent eyedropper vial or test tube molasses small, tall jar Pour some water into a small glass or beaker. Add about the same amount of rubbing alcohol and stir. Do alcohol and water mix to form a single phase? That is, does the mixture appear to be the same throughout? Repeat the experiment with water and cooking oil. Do cooking oil and water mix to form a single phase?

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