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The Dualist Afterlife: Avicenna and Mulla Ṣadrā adrā Jari Kaukua University of Jyväskylä (Finland) Subscribing to the principles of logically valid reasoning and parsimony of presuppositions in the framework of a religion that hinges on a revealed eschatological message, the medieval Islamic philosophers were bound to interpret the Quranic account of the afterlife in ways that may have compromised at least some of its literal meanings. However, to what extent 63 precisely do these interpretations go against the grain of Revelation has to be determined separately in each particular incoherence of general types of philosophical theories with Revelation risk neglecting important variations between theories, and thereby rendering us blind to the scope of possibilities in the concepts involved.

The main anthropological problem is that of the ultimate nature of humans. In this paper, I will talk about the soul-body problem in the view of one of the main Shiite Shii The International Conference of Religious Doctrines and the Mind-Body Problem theologians, Sayyid Murtaḍā, and some challenges that his view might face in accounting some of the religious doctrines. Keywords: nafs (soul), body, resurrection, anthropology, Sayyid Murtaḍā. The Immateriality of the Soul in Some Ash'arite Views: The History, Textual Evidence and Implications Ahmed Abdeljabbar Snobar (Jordan) Jordan) In this paper I will talk about the views of some Ash'arites who believe that the soul is an immaterial, a-spatial spatial substance which is not described as physical and is not characterized by material features such as penetration and separation; rather it is 35 attached to matters as a governing principle.

She distinguishes between matter, living organism, and human 56 persons. She regards the mental life of humans as wholly material which is formed by way of evolution. The mental life transfers from the material body to an intermediate--state body The International Conference of Religious Doctrines and the Mind-Body Problem by way of a miracle. This argument is of a theological character, which shows a weakness in her philosophical explanation of the resurrection. Her criterion forr the personal identity of persons in this world and the next is not compatible with her functionalist view, and cannot adequately account for the intermediate states of persons between death and the general resurrection.

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