A Walk Through the Bible by Lesslie Newbigin

By Lesslie Newbigin

Presently earlier than he died in February 1998, Lesslie Newbigin recorded a chain of 8 15-minute talks, pitched at a favored point and entitled "A stroll during the Bible". This quantity collects the 8 talks.

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Well, what is new? Every devout Jew knows that God reigns! It's what he sings in the temple every sabbath. ' 'But where is it? '' 'You don't see it because you are looking the wrong way. You are expecting something different. Turn round, repent and come with me. html[21/04/11 12:58:21 PM] next page > page_53 < previous page page_53 next page > Page 53 Because the truth is that Jesus himself is the presence of the kingdom. The kingdom is not a new political regime. It is not a new programme. It is not a new ideology.

The empire of Persia is overrun by a still mightier empire, that of Greece. html[21/04/11 12:58:11 PM] next page > page_40 < previous page page_40 next page > Page 40 which Greek language and Greek civilization are to replace the native cultures and religions of the area. Greece prided itself on its unique civilization, its art, its philosophy, its religionand the consequence of Alexander's victory was that the sacred places of Israel were desecrated. Greek culture was introduced: such phenomena as the Greek games with their naked athletics and Greek customs abhorrent to the Jews, such as the encouragement of homosexual practice, threatened this new kingdom with destruction.

Html[21/04/11 12:58:10 PM] next page > page_38 < previous page page_38 next page > Page 38 bones could be turned into a mighty army, and assuring them that the glory of God would one day fill the temple in Jerusalem once againand fill the whole world. It was through the ministry of these great God-inspired prophets that the defeat and exile of Israel was to be interpreted: not as a defeat for God but as a manifestation of God's faithfulness to his covenant. It was under their inspiration that during these years of exile Jewish scribes and teachers brought together the ancient records of the earlier days of the Exodus and of the judges and the kings, and wrote those marvellous passages about the creation of the world.

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