A Few of Our Favorite Things: Teaching Ideas for K-12 by Patricia D. Morrell, Kate Popejoy (eds.)

By Patricia D. Morrell, Kate Popejoy (eds.)

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I continued to delay revealing my views and over the next few lessons we tested the competing ideas in a range of situations, eventually reaching consensus on the best explanation. Throughout this process, the debate was friendly and supportive. The students were used to me delaying judgment over a period of lessons and accepted the value of arguing about different views. There was no evidence of students feeling upset or embarrassed about predicting incorrectly. I reinforced this by reminding them of the value of working from their own views.

This means that they hit the floor of any container harder than the ceiling and this difference causes gases to have weight and for there to be no weight loss if the liquid in a sealed container is evaporated. • Unlike macroscopic objects such as balls, the collisions particles have with each other are “perfectly elastic” –that is there is no loss of kinetic energy to other forms of energy. This is why, unlike a sealed container of bouncing balls, the particles in a gas do not slow down and end up on the bottom.

The preservice teachers will be asked to think about how children will respond to the following set of questions: Were you being creative when you were determining whether Oobleck was a solid or a liquid? Do you think scientists are creative when they do their work? What observations did you make of your Oobleck? What inferences did you make about your Oobleck? What was your data or evidence that lead you to your conclusion? Are you certain about your conclusion? Might you change your mind with more evidence or if you thought about your evidence differently?

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