A Course in the Theory of Groups by Derek J.S. Robinson

By Derek J.S. Robinson

A path within the idea of Groups is a entire advent to the speculation of teams - finite and limitless, commutative and non-commutative. Presupposing just a simple wisdom of recent algebra, it introduces the reader to the several branches of team conception and to its primary accomplishments. whereas stressing the cohesion of staff concept, the ebook additionally attracts realization to connections with different parts of algebra corresponding to ring concept and homological algebra.
This new version has been up-to-date at a number of issues, a few proofs were stronger, and finally approximately thirty extra routines are integrated. There are 3 major additions to the e-book. within the bankruptcy on staff extensions an exposition of Schreier's concrete technique through issue units is given earlier than the advent of overlaying teams. This seems fascinating on pedagogical grounds. Then S. Thomas's dependent facts of the automorphism tower theorem is integrated within the part on whole teams. eventually an easy counterexample to the Burnside challenge because of N.D. Gupta has been further within the bankruptcy on finiteness properties.

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The 1st a part of the publication facilities round the isomorphism challenge for finite teams; i. e. which homes of the finite workforce G may be made up our minds by means of the vital workforce ring ZZG ? The authors have attempted to offer the implications kind of selfcontained and in as a lot generality as attainable about the ring of coefficients.

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A p-subgroup of G which has this maximum order pa is called a Sylow psubgroup of G. We shall prove that Sylow p-subgroups of G always exist and that any two are conjugate-so, in particular, all Sylow p-subgroups of G are isomorphic. 16 (Sylow'S Theorem). Let G be a finite group and p a prime. Write IGI = pam where the integer m is not divisible by p. (i) Every p-subgroup of G is contained in a subgroup of order pa. In particular, since 1 is a p-subgroup, Sylow p-subgroups always exist. (ii) If np is the number of Sylow p-subgroups, np == 1 mod p.

This is a point of view to which we shall give particular attention in Chapter 3. 5 1. Let Op be the additive group of rational numbers of the form mp' where m, n E 7L and p is a fixed prime. Describe End Op and AutOp2. The same question for O. *3. Prove the isomorphism theorems for operator groups. 4. If IX E Aut G and 9 E G, then 9 and g" have the same orders. 5. Prove that Aut S3 ~ S3' 6. Prove that Aut Ds ~ Ds and yet Ds has outer automorphisms. 7. If GI,G is cyclic, then G is abelian. *8. Prove that ,(Dr).

Where the Gi are abelian groups. Prove that Aut G is isomorphic with the group of all invertible n x n matrices whose (i,j) entries belong to Hom(G;. G), the usual matrix product being the group operation. *11. Prove that Aut(7L EEl ... EEl 7L) . ~ GL(n, 7L) and ~ . Aut(7Lpm EEl .. EEl 7L pm) ~ GL(n, 7L pm). ~ 12. Give an example of an abelian group and a nonabelian group with isomorphic automorphism groups. *13. Let G = 7Lpn, EB· · · EEl 7Lpn" where n1 < n2 < ... < nk. Prove that there exists a chain of characteristic subgroups 1 = Go < G1 < ..

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