75 Exceptional Herbs for Your Garden by Jack Staub

By Jack Staub

Gardening specialist Jack Staub keeps his stimulating sequence on specified additions on your backyard with seventy five unheard of Herbs in your backyard.

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Certainly this is the story of a scent in search of a horticultural identity, as the term bergamot can actually refer to as many as three entirely different plant forms, linked only by the commonality of their strong lemony fragrance. What we might term “true” bergamot, although we will only touch on it here, is the bergamot orange ( Citrus bergamia). Clearly a member of the greater Citrus clan and a Far Eastern native introduced to the Ivory Coast along the spice roads in the twelfth or thirteenth century, it was ultimately delivered into the Mediterranean by the sixteenth century, where it is still cultivated for its essential oil, a key ingredient in perfumes.

I. Title. II. Title: 75 exceptional herbs for your garden. 7—dc22 2008000721 TABLE OF CONTENTS 5 Introduction 1. Angelica 2. Anise 3. Basil 4. Bay Laurel 5. Bergamot (Scarlet) 6. Betony 7. Bistort 8. Borage 9. Burnet (Salad) 10. Caraway 11. Chamomile (German) 13. Chervil 14. Chives 15. Cilantro (Coriander) 16. Clary Sage 17. Comfrey (Russian) 18. Costmary 19. Cumin 20. Curry Plant 21. Dandelion 22. Dill 23. Dock (Blood-veined) 25. Elecampane 26. Epazote 27. Fennel 28. Fenugreek 29. Feverfew 31.

Far better to understand the majesty and sensory allure of this heroic honey-fragranced plant, with its many fennel-like joints, toothy pinnate leaves, large globe-shaped white-to-green umbels in June or July, and often growing to 8 feet tall or more, making it an absolutely fantastic ornamental idea for the back of a mixed border. Confusingly, angelica is commonly listed as both a biennial and a perennial, although it is really neither. A plant can take more than 2 years to mature and will often die after flowering and seeding, and its cycle is totally disrupted by cutting the flower stalks.

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